23-02-2018 15:25
Emmanuel Egbe was at an all-girls school when he began messaging a pupil, a misconduct panel hears.
23-02-2018 13:56
Roads are cordoned off for several hours while experts dealt with an unexploded device.
23-02-2018 13:50
Preview followed by live coverage of Saturday's Premier League game between Watford and Everton.
23-02-2018 11:52
The Police Federation says more officers are asking for help after a detective was jailed for blackm...
22-02-2018 19:32
Thames Valley Police Federation say 900 assaults on officers have been reported since February 2017.
22-02-2018 17:45
The county council says it has "no option" but to choose the maximum increase of 5.99%.
22-02-2018 16:29
The crash which killed eight people who were in a minibus was "entirely avoidable", a court hears.
22-02-2018 11:54
The poster appeared outside a football ground to advertise al-Quds Day, which originated in Iran.
22-02-2018 09:12
Drivers face fines for careless driving if they are not allowing enough "safe pass" space.
22-02-2018 00:02
The environment secretary says water firms may face further regulation if prices and leaks aren't fi...
21-02-2018 18:47
Marc John seeks £1.35m after alleging his plans for a Darth Vader fans' film were scuppered.
21-02-2018 14:19
Matthew Robinson fell between a train and a station platform as he looked for his season ticket.
21-02-2018 11:02
The Starling Jet is due to launch in six years time at a cost of £8m.
20-02-2018 17:17
The cat did not want to be bathed so bit her owner then swallowed a ballpoint pen.